Friday, January 17, 2014

Felt Mini Oreo Tutorial

These were probably the one felt food that I created without any tutorial or direction.  It was also the most enjoyable one I have done.  I had so much fun making these.  My sister thought they were real when she first glanced at them in the container.

So I had this container from our 72 hour kits.  We had recently rotated the food in our kits.  This is what inspired me to make it into Felt!

First you cut the felt into circles.  Mine are about the size of a Quarter maybe a little bigger.  You will want to make your black circles a little larger than the white ones.

Second I put two layers together for the outer cookie.  So, you will need four circles for one mini oreo.  I used the blanket stitch for both the outer cookie and the filling.  Here is one of the best tutorials on how to blanket stitch.

Third, I used three circles for the filling.  I tried two at first but felt it wasn't going to be thick enough.

So, here is some done.  I ended up making eight cookies so this is not all of them.

Fifth,  I put the cookie and the filling together.  To sew them you first take embroidery thread two thick.  Then I put it through the middle and out the top so the knot isn't showing.  Next I put the needle through all the layers to the bottom, but when I came back up I only went through the filling.  So I could put my needle through the top cookie in a different place on the cookie.  This way I was able to get the imprints without showing the movement of my needle.  I did this all the way around.  

Then I put them all in the cup to wrap for Christmas.  My girls totally love them.

Comment if you have any questions.

Also more felt tutorials to come.  Just to name a few sugar cookies, chocolate chip cookies, Popsicles.

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