Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Cute Valentines Table Runner

I also sometimes keep this on the table through Spring because I just love the colors. 

1st you find any three fabrics that you like together.  The runner is exactly 1/2 yard.  So you will want 1/2 yard of the top and bottom fabrics plus a little extra for the accent hearts(I used a tan color flannel for the bottom of mine).  I actually just purchased a 1/2 yard of each to make matching pot holders to match.  Also you will want two layers of either flannel(which I used), or warm and natural if you will be doubling this as hot pads on your table.

2nd Put all your layers together so they match on each side(the top and bottom with the flannel in the middle).  Quilt it how ever you like.  I am not an expert quilter so I just did wavy lines all the way across in a pattern I liked.

3rd Cut out your hearts.  I folded a piece of paper in half and cut out the shape I wanted so that it would be symmetrical on both sides.  I then used that as the pattern for my hearts.  I did two sizes of hearts so after I did my three big hearts, I cut a smaller heart out of the same big heart pattern so they would  have the same shape only smaller.
4th Next glue your hearts on the quilted runner.  I used Spray n Bond Fusible Adhesive.  I got this idea from Him & Her.  I love it so much more than pinning.

Here is the hearts all glued on.

5th Then sew around the edge of each heart with a zigzag stitch that is close together.

6th I took one of the accent fabrics and cut 2 in strips and ironed them in half.  Then I sewed both raw edges together on the front.

7th take the other accent fabric and cut 2 in strips iron them in half as well for the binding.  

8th I did my binding on the sewing machine.  Click HERE for a great how to video for that.

Here is the binding after it is finished.  Notice the the two layers.  I thought that was a nice touch.

Here it is all done.  Love when I get a project all finished.   Don't you?

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