Monday, February 24, 2014

Works Like a charm Listening Board

I combined a few ideas from pintrest for this Listening Board.  They start at the top and during the day if they are caught miss behaving, not listening and doing their chores the first time I ask they are moved down the chart.  Pretty simple.

After I made this my daughter asked me if we could make a chart that moved up when they were listening well.  So, that got me thinking...I thought yes we should have a reward attached to being good.  So, if they stay at the top they get a reward buck.  They get to choose how to spend them.  Some ideas are:
  • Ice Cream before bed
  • Redbox night with popcorn
  • Pick a prize out of the prize basket(filled with dollar store items)
  • Skip a day of chores
  • Extra computer time or WII time
They have to save up for these.  For instance ice cream is 5 reward bucks and redbox night is 10.

Also if the stay at the top they get two warm fuzzies into their jar.  When their jar is full they get to go out to ice cream with Mom and Dad.

This has worked so well for me and my girls.  I don't have to yell at them to do their chores in the morning and they get more fun with Mom and Dad.

Here are the jars I made for them to put the warm fuzzies.  I just used modpodge to glue the scrapbook paper on and then used stamp letters for their names.

What are some ways you help your kids learn to listen and obey?

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