Friday, September 13, 2013

Entering A New Phase Of Life

This was the first day of school.  Little did I know how my life would change.

I went from STAY at HOME mom to DRIVE everywhere MOM.  No more "What's a Schedule?"

 I have now come to terms that there will never be a day that I can just decide that I don't want to go anywhere.  Or on rainy or snowy days snuggle in pj's with my girls all day and watch movies with popcorn and hot cocoa.  I will always have to be picking up or dropping off everyday.  I used to not know what day it was.  Now I find myself wondering when it will be Saturday and we can just relax at home to enjoy each other.  Rather than "hurry and get ready because we have to go to school."

Although, I will add that I do love seeing Stephanie and Mercede's face when I come to pick them up. Seeing how much they missed me makes it all worth it.  For instance Stephanie is not a hugger.  Rarely does she choose to hug on any given day because that is just how she is.  She saves her hugs and kisses for special occasions and bed time.  But on the first day of school and everyday since then she runs to hug me when I pick her up.  I treasure that time each day. 

Another things I love is talking about school, friends, activities and helping with homework.  

One more thing that I am looking forward to is helping in the classroom and seeing her experience new things with all her new friends.
Here's to a new, exciting, beginning.

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