Tuesday, October 15, 2013

No Go on Canteloupe, Yes for Watermelon

So, This year we planted cantaloupe and as you can see from the picture they didn't get real big.  I always had to pick them before they were really ready because the bugs and slugs would get them and eat them till there was nothing left.  Since I had to try and pick them before they were ready they obviously didn't taste the best.  Not horrible, but bad enough that this is the first and last time I do cantaloupe.

On the other hand, Our watermelon did quite well.  This watermelon is on the biggest cutting board I have.  Also the watermelon was pretty good.  It wasn't the best I ever had, but we will be trying again next year and maybe read up on some things to do better.  There is one thing I will try though, and that's looking to see if i can find seedless.  There were a lot of seeds and with little kids it gets messy.

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