Wednesday, September 18, 2013

How We Met

I remember like it was yesterday.  It was the first day of school and my next class was seminary.  I walk into class and find a seat close to the front.  After I sit down, I turn around to see if there are any familiar faces that share the same class.  Then I saw him.  The most gorgeous guy with brown hair and blue eyes; walking with confidence in his blue, plaid shirt and tan pants to a seat near the middle, left of the classroom.  At that moment I knew I wanted to know as much about him as possible.  Although, I also new that he was much too good looking for me. I was just an average looking junior while he was a handsome, very eligible senior.

While taking roll I found out his name was Jake.  Weeks went by.  Every once in a while I would take a glance back at him and hope to be introduced.  A couple of months later Mr. Smith, our teacher, told everyone to pair up and practice our scripture memorization.  Well, I looked around the room and noticed that Jake wasn't paired up yet.  I dig up all the courage I had and walk over to him.  I ask him if he wanted to practice with me.  He said, "Sure."  Wow, he actually talked to me.

Another month went by and it was time to change seats.  Would you believe my luck!  I was put right next to this Jake, that amazing guy that I had a huge crush on.  We started talking and became good friends.  We talked about everything.  We laughed together and read together.  Then along cam the dreaded new seating chart.  This time he was in the very back and I in the middle.  At time I would look back only to see see him smiling at me.  Giving me goose bumps every time.

Soon it was the last week of school and finally on the last day of seminary we exchange phone numbers.  Hurray!  Although, it would be a couple of months before either of us uses them.  I currently had a boyfriend and Jake wasn't the kind to call first.

After my boyfriend and I break up I give him a call.  Literally, the day after we breakup.  I tell him that I had just broke up with my boyfriend(hint hint).  A little over a week later he calls me and asks me out on our first date.

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