Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Kitchen Upgrade

This house is our first home we have purchased.  We have been here a little over a year.  It was built in 1946.  Yeah I know kinda old, but it had been remodeled in 2008.  We loved the home right when we walked in, but then we walked into the kitchen.  There was only one wall with cupboard space.  Half of the cupboards were the really small ones above the fridge and the stove and we had another small cupboard above our sink.  Just not a lot of space.  We had to buy carts to store pans because we there was only one bottom cupboard.  Anyway you get my drift, no space.

So after dealing with all the clutter in this corner and storing a lot of our appliances in the basement.  We decided to add in more cupboards with more counter space(we only had a little square of counter space on each side of the sink.)  So, were really glad to get these in.  Now we can fit everything in the kitchen.
Sorry there are no really before pictures. 

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