Friday, September 27, 2013

Jeffrey's Birth Story

This pregnancy was very different from that of my two girls so I knew we were going to have a boy.  I had a name all picked out.  He was going to be named Wesley Jacob Whetman, after my grandpa's grandpa. I wanted our first son to have a name that meant something.
 After we had the oltra-sound and found out for sure he was a boy we were driving home and calling him Wesley.  A few days later I was on the bed thinking and I turn to Jake.  
I said, "I don't think I can call our son Wesley."  
Jake said, "I don't think so either."  
I asked him how long he had felt that way and he said a few days.  I felt it was inspired.  So, then I was freaking out because we didn't have a name picked.  What was I going to call him when I prayed?  I told Jake to start naming all his students at the junior high.  I mean he had over 200 students there had to be a name that fit, right?  After he went through many I couldn't pick one.  Finally he said Jeff.  Immediately I thought of Jake's, dad's cousin, Jeff.  He passed away a couple of years ago from cancer.  I never actually met him, but what I had heard was only good.  Jeff went to Annapolis to be a Navy pilot.  Although, he wanted to serve a mission, but if you left Annapolis you weren't allowed back.  He went on his mission any way. Jeff came home and applied to go back to Annapolis.  Jeff was the very first to be let back in because he was so amazing.  Now Annapolis allows members of the Church of Latter Day Saints to leave for their two year missions and return.  I thought that was amazing.  Then it gets even better.  He ended up being ranked 2nd in his graduating class.  The person who graduated at 1st in the class was unable to lead the graduating class out so Jeff did.  Jeff was one of the best Naval Pilots.  He was also a great husband and father to two boys and a girl.
I knew that Jeffrey was a name to be proud of.  
So, on to the Birth Story.
Jake and I went to my Doctor's appointment the day before I was due.  Dr. Gatherum did his routine check and told me that I was at a 4+ with a bulging bag.  Yeah!  So we went to the labor and delivery room and told the nurses that I had been in labor all night.  They took us back and hooked me up with monitors and my IV.  I had to be given two doses of antibiotics because I had Group B strep, and they didn't want it to be passed to our baby.  So, that took about two hours because there had to be an hour between each dose.  By this time we had been there for about three hours.  
I was given Petosin to keep my labor consistent.  I didn't was to get my epidural until I was in real pain because with Mercede I could feel everything.  I didn't want that again.  The doctor then came to break my water.  That is always a crazy feeling.  I was then given the epidural even though the pain wasn't too bad.  Either I have a high tolerance for pain or my labor isn't that painful till the end because because my contractions so far had no pain.  It was the same for my previous labors.
I after I get my epidural, which wasn't too bad, the pain started.  Oh Man!  The epidural had only worked on my right side.  The left was in very much pain.  Although, I think I handled it just fine.  We kept trying to put in more meds, but to mo avail.  So, the anastisiologist came back and twiked it a bit and gave me more meds.  Wow, now my right side was REALLY numb.  Now it was working and 20 minutes later I was ready to push.  I only had the epidural in for under an hour and working for only twenty minutes.  

Me watching TV while waiting around.

Me right before delivery.

I only had to push two or three times before little Jeff's head came out, and I heard his little cry.  Then one more push and he was born on October 18, 2012 at 4 in the afternoon.  The doctor put him right on me and I just cuddled my new born son.

I tried to keep this rated PG for everyone.

Jeffrey was put on the scale and he weighed 7 lbs. 6 oz. and was 19 1/2 inches long.  My biggest baby so far. 

This is Jeffrey getting his first bath in the hospital right in the room with us.  I loved that. 

This is him relaxing all clean.

Jeffrey has been such a joy to us.  We love him so dearly.  We have two girls and I didn't think my heart could get any bigger until he was born.  My joy is over flowing.

 Jeffrey got Stephanie and Mercede each a gift.  They just loved it.

My mom and Dad have been such a strength to me.  Now that I have three kids I appreciate them even more and what they did for me.

My Mother in Law is the one of the best things that has ever happened to me.  I try to pattern a lot of what I do after her. She is so soft spoken and kind.  I love her.
My girls have been such a help to me since we have had our little guy come home.

I wanted to also say thanks to my Father in Law and all that he has done for our family.  He is always there to help when ever we need him.  Now I know why my husband is so amazing.

Gotta love my siblings.  They are so fun and keep me going.  If I ever need a laugh I can always count on them.  Spencer isn't pictured because he had left only two weeks earlier for his mission in Tacoma, WA. I love him and I am glad he is out serving the Lord.

These are Jeffrey's newborn pictures taken one week after he was born on my birthday.  He is the best birthday gift ever.

The football hat was made by my sister in law Becca Whetman.  Thanks it is so cute on him.

He is such a doll and we all love him.  We did find out at the hospital that Jeff needed surgery to fix his pee pee, but he wouldn't be able to get it till he was six months old.

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