Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Stephanie's Birth Story

We announced we were pregnant on April Fools. We gave my parents Grandma and Grandpa shirts. It took a while to convince them that it wasn't a joke since my parents are always doing April Fools jokes.
When Jake and I found out I was pregnant it was one of the happiest times of my life.  The moment I found out, I decided that I was going to have a boy because Jake had four brothers and only one sister.  Also his older brother had a baby boy.  I decided to just count on a boy because I didn't want to feel disappointment if I didn't get what gender I wanted.  A couple months later we had the ultrasound.  My doctor told us she was a girl.  I was in shock!  I had him check three times and show us how he knew she was a girl.  I didn't want to go buy everything pink and then have a boy.  We went to the mall right after and bought Stephanie's first outfit.  I picked out something purple and Jake said,"It has to be pink."  I thought it was adorable that he cared so much about what his soon to be little girl would be wearing.
        The last month of my pregnancy was a little crazy.  I went to my first appointment of the set of four and there was progression.  The next week we went in and Dr. Kirsten Craig checked me and I was dialated to a FOUR!  She said that the baby could come anytime.  We immediately called our families to prepare.  We lived in Logan, UT at the time which was almost six hours from where our parents lived.  My parents packed up the car to be ready to come whenever she came.  The next week I was still a four and the next and the next.  The nurses kept saying,"Your still here?"  I couldn't believe it either.  
       On the very last doctors appointment which was two days before my due date(I was due November 22 which was Thanksgiving) I was almost a five.  Dr. Craig stripped my membranes and was going to send us home.  We asked if it would be okay if I could be induced the Friday after Thanksgiving if I didn't go into labor.  Dr. Craig said no because she was going to be out of town.  Great!  For this pregnancy I had already had three different doctor's.  I didn't want to have a fourth deliver me.  So, we pressed to have an induction for that day.  She was hesitant, but finally conceded.  She called down to the Labor and Delivery to see how busy they were.  Not too busy was what they said.  Yeah!

I went home and waited for the labor and delivery to call to let me know they were ready for us to come in.  It was at 4:30 that we were able to go in.

I got hooked to all the monitors.  Then watched some TV.  Before the doctor came to break my water my nurse asked me if i wanted to start to prepare for the epidural.  I said no because I wasn't in any pain yet.  Dr. Craig came in to break my water around 6:30 or 7 pm.  She told that I better not keep her up tonight because the last two nights she had delivered babies.  Of course she said it in a joking manner.  Hahaha...
After my water broke I felt I had to  go to the bathroom.  When I got in there my contractions started to get really hard and I could barely make it back to the bed.  I immediately asked for drugs.  I was prepped for the epidural and given some pain meds in my IV.  The meds doc came to give my the epidural.  He had to do it twice because the first time didn't work.  Although I couldn't even feel it because of how much pain I was in.  Finally I had relief.  I watched a movie while waiting to push.  The time came and I had to sit with the nurse for an hour waiting for the doctor to push.  Although, it was only 9:30 pm approximately.  I gave a few pushes and as soon as Stephanie's head came out she let out a scream that scared the doctor.

Stephanie was born at 10:20 pm and our doctor was in shock how fast we had her out considering this was my first child.  Dr. Craig immediately put Stephanie on my lap when she was out.  The moment she was in my arms she peed on me.  Stephanie was 6 lbs 11 oz and 19 inches long.  She was so beautiful.

In Logan, Utah they take the baby to get a bath.  Jake went and gave Stephanie her first bath.

We couldn't have been prouder to be parents.  We love our sweet baby girl and all the joy she brings to our lives.

Jake has been the best dad.  He is so sensitive and loves to be near his little girl.

Jake had to eat Thanksgiving dinner at the hospital.  He said it tasted great thank goodness.

We came home from the hospital the evening of Thanksgiving day.  I wanted to do black Friday shopping the next morning, but Jake wouldn't let me.  Hahaha...

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