Friday, September 6, 2013

Trying out the Green Thumb

This is the first year I did a garden.  I will be posting the things that didn't work and what did.  This year we were actually really successful.  I will be posting pictures soon of our garden and what we picked from it.  So far I have canned peach jam, peaches(I had two huge boxes of peaches plus two over flowing grocery bags), pickles, and salsa.  I think I have a year supply of each.  So far I love gardening and the fruits of my labor.  Ok lets get real.  My husband did most of the work in prepping and watering the garden.  I mainly weed and harvest.  I will let you know that I bottled the BEST tasting Salsa EVER!  It is called Jalapeno Salsa and it isn't really spicy but has the best flavor.  Comment if you would like the recipe.

 Peach Jam




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