Monday, February 24, 2014

DIY Fancy Chair Covers

 I used a $4 white sheet to make these.  First I measured the chair from the bottom over the top, down the front across the seat.  Cut the sheet to that length.  Second I measured from the seat to the floor and made three squares to cover the legs.  In the top-right picture I sewed on a triangle because the chair widened as it went out.  Then I sewed on the squares for the legs.  Lastly I put ribbon on the back of the chair so I could tie the back together.

For the red bows I got some red fabric and cut into four strips.  Sewed two and two to make two really long pieces.  I put right sides together and sewed around leaving one end open.  Flip.  sewed all around the whole thing closing off the open end.

This was a dinner for my brother in law to propose.  I plan on using them for a nice date night with my hubby.
The pictures aren't the best so if you have any questions let me know.
Link Party at The view from five ten

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